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Welcome to Hope for Europe.

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Who we are

We are a pro-European, grassroots group which is independent of party politics. We want to retain the UK’s current status as a member of the European Union (EU) and to defend all the benefits that we derive from our EU membership. We are resolutely opposed to any form of Brexit. We welcome members who live in the Derbyshire Dales and High Peak and surrounding areas. We are affiliated to the European Movement.

Our objectives are to: 

  • Campaign actively to stay in the European Union
  • Support the People’s Vote and any other initiative which could lead to us staying in the EU
  • Be independent of party politics
  • Fight to ensure the UK is not poorer as a result of the Brexit negotiations
  • Encourage those who wish to remain in Europe that the fight isn’t over yet.
  • Evidence and provide true information about the real impact of the Leave decision.
  • Ensure that it is understood that the UK has the power to unilaterally revoke Article 50
  • Support pro – EU initiatives, such as advocating for citizen rights
  • Work with other groups to ensure democracy does not stop– electronically and physically

Join the Hope Valley Group campaigning to remain in Europe. It’s £1 to join but you can sign up today, and the more members we have the more weight we carry when we lobby MP’s and interest groups.

If you want to help us please follow this link (to survey)

If you want to join us click here.