Does Brexit give us more control?

Quitting the EU will lead to less control, not more.

We were one of Europe’s leaders. We, along with other key players instigated the single market, and drew up the rules. We were a central player in Europe’s fight against Islamic terrorism. We helped secure the climate change deal in Paris.

Today and henceforth we are on the side lines. Putin is still in the Kremlin, Trump is still in the White House, North Africa and the Middle East are still unstable and China continues to grow its economy.

How can we believe we have more control on our own to face this unstable and dangerous world? Why are we antagonising 27 like-minded nations instead of making common cause with them? How can we influence them when we have walked away?

In order to survive as a trading nation we will have to abide by global trade rules.  We won’t be making the rules any more. How is that improving our global situation?

Not only this but twenty seven commonwealth countries have free trade with us through the EU. When we leave initially we will revert back to WTO costing them an extra £800m a year in Tariffs, yes we might negotiate new deals, or they might just deal with the EU or China.

 When we trade with Europe, Brussels will write the rules; when we trade with America, Washington will write the rules; when we trade with China……. need I say more.


Is that taking back control?

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