Antoniazzi – Nobody voted to put medical supplies at risk

The National Pharmacy Association have stated Brexit-related fears are helping to drive the shortage, through what they call “unconscious stockpiling”.

Commenting, Tonia Antoniazzi MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“The serious problems in the supply of medicine only emphasise what a huge risk Brexit poses to our health service and family life.

“Nobody voted to put the supply of drugs and medicines at risk. It certainly didn’t feature on the side of any bus.

“The Government’s Brexit deal was decisively rejected by the Commons this week and Parliament is gridlocked. With medical supplies at risk we do not have the luxury of playing another round of fantasy Brexit and it is now time that Westminster understood that a People’s Vote is the only way forward.

“There is no kind of fantasy Brexit deal that can meet all the promises made. Now we know what Brexit looks like, the public should be given the opportunity to decide in a People’s Vote – is this the kind of deal we want, or is the deal we already have in the EU better? In the end, only the people can sort this out.”

Thanks to the People’s Vote for this post.

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